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House cut-away with groundwater supply

What comes in…

The Cities of Woodland and Davis have always relied on groundwater for 100 percent of their drinking water supplies. The water supply systems were built in the 1950s, when the quality and quantity of the water was adequate to meet needs.

Times have changed. The quality of our groundwater is declining. Water quality regulations are becoming increasingly strict. A number of water wells in Davis and Woodland have been shut down and destroyed due to serious and growing water quality problems and threats to public health.

…must go out

The quality of our groundwater directly impacts our wastewater discharge, the water that leaves our homes and businesses through drains and toilets. High concentrations of salt in our groundwater result in high concentrations of salt in our wastewater. Ultimately, those salts end up in our rivers and waterways, negatively impacting our environment.

The Cities cannot meet current or future anticipated state water quality regulations with groundwater alone.

So, what do we do?  

Doing nothing or waiting until the future are simply not options. After more than two decades of study, an exhaustive review of alternatives, and several independent expert reviews, the Cities identified two possible solutions to meet water quality objectives:

  • develop a new, higher-quality water supply; or
  • install very expensive wastewater treatment processes at nearly double the cost of the developing a new water supply

House cut-away with surface water supply

What’s the best option?

The least-costly and most environmentally-friendly solution is the development of a regional surface water supply project to supplement and largely replace groundwater supplies. This was confirmed through an exhaustive review of the alternatives and by two independent studies commissioned by the City of Davis. WDCWA was formed to manage the planning and implementation.

Using new pumps, pipelines and treatment facilities, the regional water supply project will deliver high-quality surface water from the Sacramento River to Woodland, Davis and UC Davis. Water quality in the Sacramento River is very good. It has less salinity (salt) and is softer than groundwater. Once completed, the project will greatly improve water supply quality and reliability for municipal and industrial uses.


To learn more about the water cycle, visit the USGS website


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