Contract OK’d for the Design, Construction and Operation of Water Supply Project

WOODLAND, CA – It was what can only be considered a banner moment. By unanimous vote, the Board of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency today awarded a $141.2 million service contract to CH2M Hill for the design, construction and long-term operation of a new surface water treatment system. The service contract, which will cost 25 percent less than the Agency’s original estimate, will provide for the delivery of surface water to Woodland and Davis by 2016. The project is necessary to improve water supply reliability and water quality, and help the cities comply with increasingly strict state and federal water quality and wastewater discharge regulations. Project development started in 2007, but is really the culmination of two decades of planning by agencies responsible for providing water to more than two-thirds of Yolo County residents.

“This vote represents a significant milestone in a chain of significant milestones over the past few years,” said Bill Marble, Board Vice-Chair and Woodland City Councilman. “It started with two cities working together to secure a water right in an effort some said would never happen, and certainly couldn’t happen in today’s environment. Along the way we purchased an additional water right. We engaged in a historic urban-ag partnership with Reclamation District 2035 on a joint water intake facility. We’ve achieved a savings of more than 25 percent from original project cost estimates. We’ve come a very long way. We should be proud and celebrate the signing of this contract.”

Joe Krovoza, Board Chair and Davis Mayor added, “I’m very proud to have been able to work on this, and I offer a special thanks to Board Vice-Chair Bill Marble who has been the constant on this Board and behind this effort. As he noted, this is one significant decision in a string of 10 or 15 monumental actions by both communities. The water advisory committee in Davis is to be thanked for its role in reducing the scope and cost of the project. On behalf of the City of Davis, I would like to thank the City of Woodland for its partnership.”

“It’s the leadership of bringing the communities together and working with a private partner, Reclamation District 2035, that makes this very significant,” said Board Member and Woodland Mayor Skip Davies. “Everyone has been working together for the interests of our collective citizens. We’ve overcome major obstacles and proven that as different as we are, the cities work well together. We’re improving both the water quality and the economic stability of our communities. It’s especially important for those here, but even more so for those who will follow. I would also like to thank our state and federal elected officials and partners whose support has been very critical to our ability to approve this contract today.”

Board Member and Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor, who along with Bill Marble is a founding member of the WDCWA, stated, “This is one of the most significant milestones in Yolo County history. I started working on this my first year on the Davis City Council in 2003, and at that time we began setting the stage for the good work this Agency has pulled together. The pursuit of a Design-Build-Operate contract has proven to be the right choice. The cost reductions, protections for the cities and quality assurances combine into what is truly a good piece of work. This is a historic moment and also an amazing legacy.”

The Agency began the competitive procurement process in January 2011 by issuing a request for qualifications from contractor teams with proven experience in the design, construction and operation of water treatment facilities. In June 2011, the Agency pre-qualified three contractor teams. By June 2013, two of the three teams had bowed out because they were unable to deliver the project under the rigorous terms and cost limits established by the Agency. CH2M Hill was able to submit a responsive cost and technical proposal that led to service contract negotiations, and today’s contract award.

The Agency plans to hold a “Meet the Contractor” community meeting in early December. The service contract and CH2M Hill’s price proposal are available on the Agency’s website. Click here for key details on the service contract, or contact WDCWA General Manager Dennis Diemer at (530) 747-8299.