Cities to Host Community Meetings to Discuss Introduction of Surface Water

Water Users to Learn about Water Treatment Process and What to Expect with Surface Water


Woodland and Davis water users are invited to learn more about changes in their water supply once the Cities of Woodland and Davis introduce surface water into water distribution systems in coming months. Construction on WDCWA’s Regional Water Treatment Facility – which will supply treated Sacramento River water to both cities and UC Davis – is nearing completion. Surface water deliveries will begin no later than early June.


Woodland Water Users
6 PM, Thursday, April 28

Woodland Community & Senior Center
2001 East Street, Woodland

Davis Water Users
6:30 PM, Thursday, May 5

Davis Senior Center
646 A Street, Davis


Treated water from the Sacramento River will soon flow from taps in the Cities of Woodland and Davis, bringing a new high-quality water supply to both communities. After decades of planning and two years of construction, WDCWA’s Regional Water Treatment Facility is scheduled to begin operations no later than June 2016. Water will be transferred from a new pumping facility on the Sacramento River to the Regional Water Treatment Facility. There it will be treated using state-of the-art technology and distributed to the Cities for domestic use. The Cities have been preparing their systems for surface water, including flushing pipelines of sediment and treating them to prevent corrosion. Surface water will be slowly introduced into the systems to allow them to adapt to the new water source. Water will be frequently tested to ensure quality and that it meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality regulations. Groundwater will still be used as necessary during higher demand periods. In most cases, it will be blended with surface water before being delivered to customers.


  • Dennis Diemer, WDCWA General Manager
  • Tim Busch, City of Woodland Community Development
  • Stan Gryczko, City of Davis Public Works