Conserving Water and Using Resources Wisely

Water conservation is, and always will be, essential to ensuring that water supplies are reliable.

Water conservation can't improve the quality of our water supply, but it can help extend the lifespan of our water supplies and reduce the impact to our environment.

The average household in the Sacramento region uses more than 250 gallons of water each day. By taking small, easy steps, you can reduce your household water use by 10 percent (25 gallons per day).

Outside your house:

  • Adjust sprinklers to reduce overspray and runoff onto streets and sidewalks (savings = 20 gallons)
  • Reduce the sprinkler cycle by 2 minutes (savings = 80 gallons)
  • Water your landscape only between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. (savings = 20 gallons)
  • Eliminate one watering cycle each week (savings = 30 gallons)
  • Fix leaky sprinkler pipes and heads (savings = 20 gallons)

Inside your house:

  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth (savings = 8 gallons)
  • Shorten your shower by two minutes (savings = 5 gallons)
  • Run the dishwasher only when full (savings = 2 gallons)
  • Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket (savings = as much as 3.5 gallons per flush)
  • Turn off the water between dishes while rinsing/pre-rinsing (savings = 5 gallons)

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